Weekly Pick-Up Service


09:00am Blackrocks Bridge Roundabout / Overall Dr

09:15am Cnr Balmoral St / Overall Dr

09:30am Pottsville Tavern (Carpark) / Overall Dr

09:45am Roundabout Seabreeze Bvd / Lennox Ct

10:30am Pottsville Bowls Club (Carpark)

10:45am Crn Sassafras St / Bottlebrush Dr

11:00am North Star Holiday Resort / Tweed Coast Rd

CASUARINA Thursday Run

10:15am Crn Salt Water Cres / Casuarina Way

10:30am Crn Windsong Way / Casuarina Way

10:45am Coles Casuarina (Carpark Entrance / South side)

11:00am Cotton Beach Resort / Sterculia Ct

Easy Booking via text message 0410 237 005

Sample text for a run above: –> Phil Pott 9:30 2
That means, that Phil will be at 9:30am at the Pottsville Tavern for us to pick up 2 of his Bikes.

Another text sample: –> Rosie Cas 10:45 1
That means, that Rosie will be at 10:45am at the Coles Casuarina Carpark for us to pick up 1 of her Bikes.

Run Pick-up and returning the Bike(s) to your Home address $20.00
Run Pick-up and the Bike(s) will be picked up by you at our Shop $10.00

Run Pick-up for more than 2 Bikes extra $5.00
Direct Home Pick-up during a Tuesday or Thursday run extra $ 5.00

Note: We do ‘home-pick-ups’ prior, during or after a run, depending on how busy we are and will communicate details with you.